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Hello and Welcome to yummykhana

Hi, i am Saurabh Tanwar and I am the photographer and digital marketer now a blogger. I am 22 yrs old, I love to eat food and love to travel also i like to share the amazing food pictures with you all, I live in delhi. My hobby is playing games and travelling. I have a bachelor’s degree in geography. After this i did an airport management course. Currently i’m doing a digital marketing course and started a blogging channel. So this is my food blogging website that is “yummykhana” where you can find some of my amazing food experiences. I just doing blogging it all out of my passion is one of the things that I’m certainly proud of and being passionate about food blogging and also travelling is the thing that keeps me going in future.

Turning My Passion As Food Blogging

The food blog is an online platform where we share a wide range of food-related content, including popular recipes, cooking tips, culinary trends (like how to create delicious meals with a small grocery budget) and restaurant recommendations. First of all i am a student and i am doing a digital marketing course, recently i started a food blogging channel. Pushing my digital marketing skills through all the social media and discover new ways to improve my blog visibility. The range of my skills developed through food blog is wide. I love to do blogging where you interact peoples or explore places. Blogging was already my passion but i did not know how to do blogging, but now i started a blogging channel. Blogging is the way where you connect more and more peoples in the world.

We live in a society where we are taught it can be risky to follow our dreams and to work as a freelancer in many ways (insecure, time consuming, etc.). But whatever some people may say, creativity is key and there is always space for new ideas. So if you give a chance to think seriously about your dream, you will find the energy to come out with something great. Believe in yourself in your dreams!

I also like travelling. Here are some of my travelling images.





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